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So this is it. The big super-sized finale that provides a closure of sorts to the Cats With Benefits/Old Country Road Killer storylines. Though Halloween night has ended (depending on how you define such things), there are still plenty of horrific things in store for the residents of Williamsburg. But what do a couple pieces of ugly old jewelry have to do with anything? I can’t tell you that, but I will say that not everyone makes it through alive to find out the answer!

This podcast contains swearing.

Robert Mosby as Roger P. Shiffle

Mike Turner as Ed Jackson

Jalen Mouser as Toby

Frank Battle as Mr. Toliver

Ed Champion as Dr. Blevin

Claudia Swain As Jordan Bales

Claire Penix as Meghan Marshall

Lynn Sikora as the nurse

Philip Burcher as John Dunhill

Linda Hertzler as Valerie Dunhill

Susan Branch Smith as the unnamed ghost

Jacob Wilson as Josh Ryder

Reid Perkins as Caleb Souter

Suzanne Douglas as Cynthia Souter

Louise Menges as Margaret Souter

Will Hausman as Dale Souter

Austin Beach as Mr. Guest

Sarah Golding as Mrs. Guest

Daniel Turner as Zeph Metcalf

Zoë Bowen Smith as Ally Burks

Colleen Kennedy as Hexabeth Blackhard

Series Recap for Those Just Joining Us:

The Thing in the Floorboard

Now that greasy thug Ed Jackson has gotten his grimy little hands on the weird object Valerie Dunhill stashed away at the old Dunhill farmhouse all those years ago (waaayy before she started secretly murdering tourists), what will happen to it? We’ll find out when Ed’s shady employer at the Historic Williamsburg Corporation, Mr. Toliver, finally makes an appearance. What could he want with the strange artifact? Hopefully nothing kinky.

Cats With Benefits

Aaron, the lead singer for the majorly underappreciated college rock band Cats With Benefits has been missing for a couple weeks now. Unbeknownst to the band, the secret séance convened to contact Aaron in the afterworld has ended in a bloody mess. How badly were people hurt? Will CWB keyboardist Josh forgive WCWM DJ Caleb Souter for participating, or is it splitsville for Calosh? And why did Caleb go to the séance in the first place? He must have had a good reason.

Meghan the Psychic

So, the séance of William & Mary’s resident student psychic Meghan Marshall didn’t go that well. But she’s finally vindicated, right? She actually did commune with the dead. Didn’t she? Will her encounter with the alleged spirit of Hexabeth Blackhard leave her traumatized or enlightened? I’ve got five dollars riding on the answer.

Hexabeth Blackhard

Will the 18th century sorceress Hexabeth finally crawl her way out of two hundred years of darkness? Those crazy kids huddled in the attic of the Equator club certainly got much more than they bargained for when they started talking with the no longer living. Whatever happens, I’ll bet it will add an interesting new chapter to Hex’s diary.

The Dunhills

A visit to the old family homestead, breaking and entering, a police escort...aged patriarch John Dunhill hasn’t seen this much excitement in years! It would have been even more exciting, but old friend Roger P. Shiffle was not receptive. When he recounts the family-friendly version of the night’s adventures to his comatose daughter Julie, will she so much as flutter an eyelid? A pro-tip for first time listeners: If you hear a ventilator, that means your in Julie’s room. And she still hasn’t revived.

The Souters

I’m starting to think that B&B owner Margaret Souter is never going to leave her bed. When you’re as old as she is the slightest upset can derail your whole damn life. Maybe it was the hip operation. Maybe it’s the weight of knowing so many of Williamsburg’s secrets. Or maybe she’s tougher (and more manipulative) than we think. Her son Dale probably has an opinion on that. And now that he’s learned some the town’s secrets (via Hexabeth’s diary) what will he do with the knowledge?


Produced, directed, written and scored by Phillip Merritt

Thank you to Freesound.org for the use of their creative commons sound effects.

©Phillip Merritt, 2018

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